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Important notice

All the information provided is based on Artificial Intelligence and only daily prices are considered and no other factors involve in the computations. Moreover, humans have no role in the outputs. You are the only one who decide for your trade by looking at the system output. In fact, AI-based analysis is only presented in this website, and we disclaim all responsibility and liability for any losses or even profits in your trades.

Terms of Service

Only the users who have the membership and have paid the subscription fee can access our services and they cannot provide the services to others in any cases. If observed, the services will be terminated immediately, without any notice and without refund.
When you register as a user or member, you agree that you will use the website contents only for your own business activity and will not publish them.
Any activity suspected of violating the law, ethics, or the above-mentioned cases, causes the termination of individual or general services without refund at our discretion.
The users are responsible for the correctness of information, e-mail and password. The user’s information will be stored on our servers for six months after the end of the subscription

Confidentiality and security

You are responsible for your account, information and the details of your activities. We will only make them available to others by law or legal authorities. We will try to ensure the security of the user's information, but we do not guarantee the security of the user accounts against the illegal actions of third parties.
We use your information to provide a better quality of service, and we also use your information to ensure that the services work for your trading purposes.
We use the information we collect (such as your email address or phone number) to interact with you directly and keep you informed.

the quality of service

We try to provide the service with conventional quality to the user, but the quality of the service may change due to some factors. Considering that the provision of services is done through computers and the Internet, there is always a possibility of disruption in the provision of services. So, we cannot guarantee the quality of the provision of the services and are not responsible for any changes in the quality of services. In these cases, the possibility of protest for the user is ruled out, unless our fault in providing services is proven, we will be obliged to compensate the user’s loss. Compensation for these kinds of damages will not exceed fifty percent of the fees received from that user.
Our service is active at least 90% of the year and updated at least 70% of the year.

Subscription renewal

There is always the possibility of changing the packages fee and the services duration when renewing the service.
We are not responsible for possible damages between the end of the service package period and its renewal time


We can change or terminate our services at our discretion, any time and without reason.
In case of any changes that are not from our side, we will not be responsible for compensating and returning the users’s costs.