About us

About us

As an expert group in Artificial Intelligence field, we have been working since 2015. We developed Predict-price sturt-up in 2018.


This group aims at providing AI services in varied scopes.
Predict-price sturt-up goals:
1. Providing free services to all of our users
2. Designing a well-structured website to facilitate an effective use of its services for all people, even without any basic knowledge of market analysis
3. Providing information without human errors and personal orientations


Our approach is to make AI-based frameworks in different areas.
Predict-price approach
1. Including different stocks and common currencies used throughout the world to analyze
2. Improving the prediction accuracy
3. Adding fundamental (news,…) to technical analysis
4. Evaluating the predictions

After more than two years of research and study, Predict-price start-up has been developed by advanced mathematical analysis, image processing, machine learning, and market analysis concepts. Among varied prediction versions published by now, the last one has above 85% accuracy. Our prediction framework consists of 8 separate models in 4 different time periods. In fact, 4 models predict price trends separately and the other 4 models predict the amount of profit and loss. These 4 different time points are 5, 10, 30, and 90 next days.

The users should assess the both models related to price trends and also profit and loss amounts to make a good decision.
Note! All of the predictions are based on daily price changes and none of other external effects such as news, companies’ situations, and different events are not taken into acount. So, you really need to consider all factors before you make any decision. (choose the best option by considering all factors) Please pay attention to the predition dates and the validity range of the predicted prices.